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Flowers, Petals, Pips

Flowers, Pips, Rosebuds and flower spacers in a variety of colors and coatings.

NOTE REGARDING Huge Lot of Czech Flowers - I have done my best to measure these beads, but ask your forgiveness if I'm a mm off.  Eyes aren't what they used to be.  I've not tried to research each bead for specific color/shape name, as the time that would be required would defeat my business model of bringing your great beads at great prices. There is an enormous selection out there of these beads.  So I've mostly listed them as just their basic color, i.e., GREEN, or PINK. Also, I've tried very hard to make sure all the beads in a lot are the same and to mark mixes as such.  However, a stray, very similar, bead may have snuck in, and again I ask your forgiveness if this happens.   I know my clientele know what they want when they see it and are knowledgeable enough of Czech beads to make their decisions with the information provided.  THANK YOU

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