Handmade Fused Glass by Snow Flake Glass

Handmade Fused Glass art from my own glass studio.  These cabs make outrageously great focals for wire wrapping or seed beading. Or put a bail on it for an instant pendant. Some are made with dichroic glass, some are not.   All glass, especially dichro, is notoriously difficult to photograph.  And my photography skills are definitely not as good as my glass fusing skills. 

The non-dichroic ones have a very deep 3D feel to them, as they are made with many layers of class fused together through 3-4 firings.  Also, the glass used for them is called reactive glass because the chemicals in the glasses react with each other to create additional colors.

All items are one of a kind and are sold individually.

If you like these, I've got lots more in lots of colors and kinds of dichro.  If you are interested in arranging a bulk purchase of cabs please contact me.

You can visit my Snow Flake Glass web site to see more of what I do with fused glass.

(Photo credit - this elaborate necklace was made using my fused glass cabs by my friend Merrell Hickey)

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