Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pearls


Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pearls

Genuine, sumptous, delicious, flawless Swarovski crystal beads made in Austria.  A tantalizing variety of Swarovski bicones, pendants, hearts, coral sprigs, stars, clovers, fish, butterflies, flowers and more.  In a sparkling array of colors and finishes.  Come on in and prepare to be dazzled at the selection and prices.

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  • Swarovski Bicones...

    THE Genuine Swarovski Bicones you all love.  There will be a mix of 5301 and 5328 here.  Dive in.

  • Swarovski Crystal...

    Genuine Swarovski Crystal Heart Shaped Pendants and Beads. Items 6202, 6228, 5724, 6741, 5742, 5741

  • Swarovski Crystal...

    Swarovski Round & Rondelle Crystal Beads. Item #5000 & #5040.  Several sizes in a selection of colors.

  • Swarovski Crystal Cube...

    Genuine Swarovski cube beads in size, colors and finishes for any project you can dream up.

  • Swarovski Crystal Pearls

    Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearls.  These pearls were received mostly unmarked (especially the 6 & 8 mm).  I've done my best to identify those colors, but I'm not guaranteeing the name of the color is correct.

  • Swarovski Crystal Sea...

    Genuine Swarovski Crystal creatures of the deep.  You'll find fish, starfish, seashells, and coral sprigs.

  • Swarovski Crystal...

    Genuine Swarovski Clover shaped pendants in two sizes.  Item #6764 in 19mm and 23mm and lots of colors.  Plus ginko leaves, flower pendants and beads, clover beads, and leaf pendants.

  • Swarovski Crystal Stars

    Genuine Swarovski Crystal stars are shining here in various size, color and finishes

  • Swarovski Crystal...

    A large selection of Genuine Swarovski butterflies.  Item #5754 in a range of sizes, colors and finishes.

  • Swarovski Crystal...

    A mix of Genuine Swarovski drops including Briolettes (6007, 6010), Baroques (6090), Drops (6000), Leaf (6734), and Bicone (6301) .  Many colors, color blends, finishes and sizes to suit every need. 

  • Swarovski Mixes
  • Swarovski Crystal Misc.

    Here you'll find an inspiring selection of Genuine Swarovski shapes.  Square rings, round rings, Helios ovals, triangles, wings, and odds and ends.  Colors and finishes abound.

  • SPECIAL - Swarovski...

    Limited Time Special with very limited stock.