Czech Glass Beads


Czech Glass Beads

Genuine Czech glass beads from the Republic of Czechoslovakia.  A really inspiring selection of beads from Czech glass facilities that are always coming up with something new for us.

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  • NEW - Laser Etched...

    These laser etched Czech glass beads are the hottest new thing.  New shapes and styles coming out all the time.  I think I'm in love. Daggers, drops, rectangles, tiles and more

  • Daggers, Canoe Beads

    A plethora of Czech pressed glass daggers.  Lots of colors, sizes and patterns from which to choose.

    Looking for the cool Laser Etched daggers?  You'll find them in their own category under Laser Etched Czech Beads

  • Sun, Moon, Stars &...

    These new BIG Czech Glass Stars are exquisite.  Trolled the interwebs till I found them.  Colorful gold embellished stars.  Image a pair of earrings - they'd be perfect!

  • UFO, Flying Saucer,...

    Flying Saucer Beads or UFO beads - whatever you wanna call them.  A great selection of colors in opal and transparent, some with Picasso finish, or with gold or silver adornment.

  • Rosebuds and Melons

    Beautiful Czech Rosebud and Melon beads - lots of choices of colors and finishes.

  • Rondelles

    Rondelles all over the place.  Metallic, opal, transparent, AB finish, matte finish, luster finish and on and on. A nice selection of those beautiful spiral, or cinnamon bun beads too. Lots of colors and sizes from which to pick.

  • Spiral Rondelles,...

    Spiral design Czech rondelles.  Some have gold or silver embellishment.

  • Teardrops, Drops

    Great little dangling drops in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes.

  • Leaves & Trees

    Czech pressed glass leaves.  Big leaves, small leaves, maple leaves, rose petals.  AB, Picasso, matte or shiny.  Also, Christmas tree beads in traditional red, green and clear.

  • Rings

    A great selection of those utilitarian rings in several sizes.  Also those little tiny wheels.  Transparent, opal, Picasso and AB finishes...lots of choices.

  • Flowers, Petals, Pips

    Flowers, Pips, Rosebuds and flower spacers in a variety of colors and coatings.

  • Triangle & Triangle...

    A huge selection of those great little triangle shaped spacers in opal and transparent colors, as well as other triangle shaped Czech beads.

  • Tile, Square, Pillow,...

    Pillow beads, dice beads with diagonal drill, and cubes.  Lots of colors and finishes.  Some opaque, some transparent, some AB finished.  You may also find some wonderful diamond shaped beads in a variety of colors/finishes.

  • Ovals

    Czech glass ovals. Transparent or opal, Picasso and tortoise. Lots to choose from. 

  • Multi Hole Beads

    Czech Glass 2 Hole Beads

  • O Rings

    O BOY do I have O Rings.  A huge selection of colors and finishes at great prices.

  • Coin, Tablet, Button,...

    Call them coin beads or tablet beads.  They are little round, flat beads in an array of colors and sizes.

  • Rectangles & Tube Beads

    You'll find rectangle beads here.  Some with gold embellishment.  Also Czech tube beads.

  • Animal & Sea Life

    Ladybugs, seashells and fishes O My.  And don't forget the kitty faces.  Come on and join the wonderful animals that live here.

  • Pinch Beads

    The ubiquitous little pinch bead in several sizes and colors.

  • Round. Druk & Donut

    Round Czech glass beads.  Faceted, smooth, multi color or not.

  • Czech Pearls

    Genuine Czech glass pearls. Please excuse the photography - I try my best, but sometimes they just aren't exactly right.  As far as the name of the color, it seems different manufacturers use different names.  I use the name that my source uses and sometimes different sources call different colors by the same name.  If I can, I add a photo from my source.  And sometimes that photo is not exactly the same color as the pearls. Confusing?  YES!

  • Bead Soup Mixes

    Great selection of Czech Bead Soup.  Sold by the ounce.

  • Misc. Czech Glass Beads

    Well, there's always those few odds and ends that don't seem fit nicely into other categories.  Like these moon faces, for instance.  Stars, Hearts and some odd other things from time to time.  Come in and see what's hiding here today.